2021/12/05 - Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun — Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Set 1: Get In the Van, All In Time > 2x2 > Believe the Lie, Got Your Milk (Right Here)[1] > Day Nurse > All In Time

Set 2: The Silent Type, Wappy Sprayberry > Mantis > Where Is My Mind? > Kula[2] > Mantis, 40’s Theme, Baba O’Riley (11:57)

[1] with Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne) jam
[2] with Enter Sandman (Metallica) teases

Wow crazy train jam. So original


Should be listed as a tease. Was barely anything

Yup did nothing to effect the jam

That’s one song post-2011, two post-2009.

That’s a setlist with potential on paper.


Yeah but how lazy is this band to end the show with Baba O’Riley again for a Holidaze performance?

December 13, 2009 Umphrey’s McGee “Caribbean Holidaze” Hedonism IIIRunaway Bay, , Jamaica

Set 1: Sociable Jimmy > Hurt Bird Bath, 2x2, Kabump > Partyin’ Peeps

Set 2: Mantis > Mantis Ghetts > Mantis, The Triple Wide > Hangover, Cemetery Walk II, Turn & Run, Barracuda[1], Mulche’s Odyssey

Encore: Baba O’Riley

[1] with Jennifer Hartswick on vocals

I bet people were stomping their bare feet in the sand with disgust at the predictability of that cover.


Maybe the uninspired cover was a request by Angela Favre for her dad Brett Favre. The OG, non-football playing Brett Favre.


Listening Guide:

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  • Day Nurse has some MJ teases from Stasik towards the end, not sustained enough to notate but it’s there.
  • Kula has a Enter Sandman outro thingy.
  • I feel like that 40s jam has either a tease jam or it’s just a repeat stew, not notating it cause I think it’s the latter.
  • I’d call the Crazy Train a jam and not just teases.

There are moments where the talk-back mics are audible on the nugs recording. Nothing substantive, but always interesting to hear.

Time stamp?

It’s throughout the show. First I heard is during the AIT drums jam. Apparently people at the show could hear them too. They are somewhat faint.

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About 7:02 in All in Time Jake asks “Is this on” or something. Joel does to and says “Can you guys hear me?” Bayliss then cues the drop into 2x2. At 0.06 in Milk, they say to just “Keep it going”.

That’s all I’ve been able to make out.



Before Milk they say “milk, keep it going”

During the jam they say a bunch of stuff. Hard to hear some of it but they say “minor third” and countdown a bunch of times

IIRC Milk and AiT1 seemed to have the most (and most audible) talk back. Early in the show they do seem to acknowledge that the talk backs are coming through the audience speakers. Then later there’s some more legible jam talk, like someone saying “just Jake” prior to his transitioning a jam segment, then later in that jam I think someone, probably Jake, names a chord, like a “B minor 7” or something. It’s so low in the mix the actual words are barely legible most of the time.

I was just about to say how well the jam was going before it got Crazy Train’d. Definitely more than just a tease too. An awful crutch that Jake can’t stay away from

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Sofa king annoying. Jake and Pony both love that shit. I have no issue with a cover jam if it is unique or rare, but they love beating to death Stranglehold, Crazy Train, La Grange, Dr Feel-good, etc.

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Does anyone even like crazy train?

Sporting event DJs

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