2021/08/20 - Three Sisters Park - Chillicothe, IL

Set 1: The Silent Type, Suxity, The Crooked One > Puppet String > Crucial Taunt, Miami Virtue > Maybe Someday, Wizard Burial Ground

Set 2: Depth Charge > The Floor, Day Nurse, Ocean Billy, Once In A Lifetime, Hurt Bird Bath, Nether > Plunger > Puppet String


First set would be amazing for my tastes if you just cut the first two songs but those two songs instantly ruin everything



There’s nothing funny about this shit.

Have fun at the biscuits tonight.



This whole set just screams Bayliss and it makes me cringe. I’m not even excited to listen to the show on nugs.

Pretty bummed about missing that Crooked One. Ive still been chasing that bitch since scamp 06 and it would have been incredible to break that gap at scamp again. I usually go almost every year too but i just couldnt swing it this year bc of it being at the end of august this year instead of the usual may.

One day ill get that Crooked


They’ve played it a bunch lately.

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Meh, definitely more than they have been in recent years but i dont really travel for UM anymore so it sucks to see them play it at a show id normally be at

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I don’t get the Suxity hate. It’s a catchy song.

I’ve literally never listened to it but I hate it


Yeah, I don’t hate SuckCity at all. It sounds like regular whiteboy funk UM.

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Umphrey’s sucks at scamp. Same as it ever was (with a couple exceptions).

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This looks very meh to me but I will give it a chance

Good thing they blew their wad on the VIP set

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Any good jams to report on?

Alright I’ll go against the #hivemind…Song selection is great for my tastes, this is almost entirely prog UM which is sick.

That said, two eight song sets with a lot of longer compositions… probably very little improv in this show


Yeah heavier looking, song based show which if that’s your thing then probably would have enjoyed this show

I’ll pass

Okay so I am reporting back that Hurt Bird Bath rips

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At least 2021 Crooked Ones still rage. All four versions have been great this year.