2021/08/05 - Greenfield Lake Amphitheatre - Wilmington, NC

Set 1: Turn & Run > 2x2, The Linear, Cemetery Walk, Got Your Milk (Right Here) > White Man’s Moccasins, Cemetery Walk II

Set 2: Preamble > Mantis[1] > Roctopus, Booth Love > Mantis, All In time > The Bottom Half > All In time

Encore: Life During Exodus

[1] “Jimmy Stewart” with vocals

Anyone else here to help me? :slight_smile:

Turn and Run
2x2 (!!!)
The Linear
Cemetery walk
Got Your Milk
Cem II

May be missing one or two there.



Thanks JAJ

!!! = Good jo?


Welcome to the dash bort JAJ!


2: Preamble > Mantis[1], Rocktopus, Booth Love > Mantis, AIT

[1] w/ lyrical Stew (according to Toth who is there)


According to Twitter the 2x2 may be 20ish minutes

Toth said good improv in 2x2, Linear and CWII.

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Looks like GYMRH got the standard treatment which would be annoying. I love a good segment of improv in 2x2 tho and excited to hear this vocal stew

Looks like s2 could kinda be considered a 5 song set?

That’s a great looking set for my tastes. Replace Roctopus and Booth with literally almost anything and I’d be very happy.

Life During Exodus is probably the only mashup I’d be hyped to see live. Great choice to move it to the encore slot.


Really? Have seen. It sucks.

Show looks good though. WMM?

Kind of excited for tomorrow.

I mean all mashups kind of suck. That and Can’t Rock My Dream Face are probably the only two I’d be down to see at this point. Think it’s better than a Remind Me with a phoned in 3 minute funk jam.

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White Man’s Moccasins

Life During Exodus is easily the best mash up and the only one I enjoy seeing. You are crazy SJB.

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I know WMM lol. It was notated as Mocca on the setlist. I was commenting on it popping up. Should’ve been more clear I guess.

Fuck Bob Marley and fuck mashups. Frankie Zombie (the GOAT) and Come Closer are the only fun ones I’ve seen.

You’re sane Dan.

Also, if you’re chasing Plungies…come to Beech.


100% feel the same way. Don’t want to see any mashups live. If I had to see one, I’d hope it were one of those two.

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I think Papa Can Change a Blurred Stone is probably the best one they’ve done live. Nice little jam on the end and that was the only time they played it.

Frankie Zombie is the best one I’ve seen live and probably the best of the bunch that still get played.

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Everyone can EAD. UM sucks. Find me this weekend. I’ll be the one giving out bumps and saying I told you so.





Would take this over that soy boy Michael Jackson/Fleetwood Mac bullshit you’re preaching.

Maybe UM should just play a fucking Goose/Fux mashup and call it a day


Life During Exodus is the best mashup they have