2021/07/09 - The Caverns - Pelham, TN

Set I: Higgins, Anchor Drops, Sweetness > Day Nurse, Mail Package, Maybe Someday, Slacker

Set II: Catshot > Miss Tinkle’s Overture, Remind Me > Divisions > Remind Me, Night Nurse, Seasons > Divisions

E: 3x


BenVP with the 250th show shoutout on his 249th show!!!


Pretty good lookin set

Why aren’t we notating >’s anymore on Twitter?

Higgins is a weird choice for an opener


Really enjoyed that tinkles jam

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Yeah tinkles was awesome. And I’ll say it, remind me jams are boring


They also aren’t using replies to keep the setlists to a thread. Must be a different person doing it.

I like that it got split again

Uh oh Seasons jam we got a SOTY on our hands

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Ohh that looks fun. Despite allegedely no segues in set 1, still looks(jo) like a good dog selection. I like the idea of splitting up Remind me, especially with Divisions I’m pumped to hear that segment. Day Nurse in the 1st set then Night Nurse in the 2nd set is setlisting that just makes perfect sense. The Nurses definitely haven’t been played in the same show too often, nice treat

theres def segues id imagine, just not annotated on twitter and im not at the show !

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Fair enough! I’d bet you’re right. Not tryina nitpick just tossing out a thought

Is this a first, or nah? Wondering how the flow was executed

I’m pretty spun but it went something like remind me > divisions > night nurse > seaone > divisions. Don’t quote me on that tho

Huge JO and Pretty > Sex Metal lol


Smells like Stasik


It was 110% a stasik setlist, no way anyone else would do AD > Sweetness > Day Nurse

I’ll take sex metal over prehistoric funk all day.