2021/06/26 - Apple Valley Park - Lafayette, NY

I: Similar Skin, In the Kitchen, Professor Wormbog, Hourglass, Stinko’s Ascension, Example 1, Make it Right

II: 1348, In the Kitchen, Nemo, Draconian, Andy’s Last Beer, Der Bluten Kat, Hangover, Der Bluten Kat

E: Speak Up, 1348


Really no > in the first set?

I’m sure there is but UM Twitter isn’t notating it


Looks like a Bayliss stinker

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There was not, maybe out of skin to kitchen

Did Make it Right have a JO?

Yup, not super long but it was cool

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Nice. First set looks good in that case. Second set reads like a bunch of rushed jam vehicles on paper


1348 was nice, DBK aborted pretty hard. No jam Nemo smh

Does , vs > really matter?


Bounced around a bit, but the 1348 was pretty good and the Make it Right was a nice surprise. I know they’ve shelved that song some due to overplaying in the beginning, but that seemed like such a smooth transition in and out of the jam. Hoping this becomes the norm.

Edit: After a full listen, this show is far superior to N1. The highs were the 1348 and Kitchen. Both way better than anything the night before. Make it Right w/JO cool. Lows were the standard Nemo and the DBK abortion to squeeze in a hangover :roll_eyes:.

I guess I need to listen because based off track times and already having listened to N1, this doesn’t look great for my tastes

I mean track times suggest 10m jams in both 1348 and Kitchen which is a little promising, plus improv in Make it Right. I’m looking fwd to checking those three out

Yeah definitely. Just basing my opinion off song selection. Hard to top Thin Air, Kimble, Crooked to end a set.

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The first set of this show is fantastic. So much good stuff going on improv wise. Love hearing real improv in Wormbog, plus that weird double time tag at the end. 1348 was really good too.

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Yeah I’d take night 1 song selection but night 2 seems better on tape.

I hope they come back to this venue again. I’d love to have gone to the last 2 shows tbh. That venue looks amazing. I miss outdoor upstate NY shows. Always the best vibe and weather.

They always throw-down in upstate NY, shows there have a great track record…

Kitchen and 1348 hold up!