2021/02/04 - Wrapped Around Nashville - Nashville, TN

(7:01) Set One: Mantis, 2x2, Muff II: The Revenge, Anchor Drops, Eat, The Haunt > Got Your Milk (Right Here) (8:18)

(8:46) Set Two: Wizard Burial Ground > Ocean Billy, Nothing Too Fancy > Hajimemashite, In the Black > Nothing Too Fancy, Remind Me > Wizard Burial Ground (10:00)

Do we shit post here or in the other thread…



Here. I’m not watching, whats it like so far

Pretty good jam so far in this Mantis.


Yeah this is a great start

Really digging the spacey end to that

digging this 2x2

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do i get to count this haunt for #stats?

Wait, you guys are actually watching this and not just Bisco Inferno videos on YouTube?

Was that a new tune in the middle of eat?

Muff? The Haunt? Well shiiiit

The Haunt was the jam of the set, for sure. Although the Eat and 2x2 were pretty good as well (with Eat hitting a nice peak). But god damn that Haunt was great.

Fun to have a setlist again!


Nice transition into OB

I thought that In The Black jam was awesome and atmospheric, did feel like they rushed back into N2F but that’s my only complaint

The lack of responses (and presumably borters who watched this) is SAD.

Who am I to say, I didn’t watch it either.

Lots were watching. The conversation was just mainly in the wrapped thread.

Yeah there were like 600 replies in the Wrapped thread yesterday

Ahh ok, didn’t even look.

So much for posting about the show in the setlist thread of the show. Feels stupid not to frankly.