2020/02/28 - Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR

Set 1: You Got The Wrong Guy > Walletsworth, 1348 > In The Black, Bad Friday, Forks > Wappy Sprayberry > Fussy Dutchman, Puppet String

Set 2: Synchronicity II, Miss Tinkles Overture[1], Andy’s Last Beer[2], SuckCity, Night Nurse > 1348, Half Delayed[3], Nopener, Jajunk

E: Don’t You Forget About Me[4]

  1. w/ 2112 (Rush) tease
  2. w/ Andy Frasco on beer chugging :beer:
  3. w/ YYZ (Rush) ending
  4. w/ Al Schneir on guitar and Andy Frasco on vocals


^^^ thats all first set. set 2 just started with Synchro II…

thanks for doing the set list thread!!

quick but tasty Drain You tease in Synchro II…

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Thanks for the help brother. This may get a little weird trying to follow Twitter again. Maybe I should just make an account lol. Have fun at the show fam. This Oregon ter looks righteous so far

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1s of the Andy Frasco beer chug to kang?

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“I remember my first beer”


Surprisingly little “Chugging McGee” in that one

clap jam before half delayed


JaJunk jams really fun so far…

Show sucked I quit


LOoks like a significant downgrade from the last two night

1348 and tinkles were decent but overall shitty show in a shitty venue

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What about the clap jam?

this was not the headiest show, but it was a ton of fun… last two nights have been a blast… while lots of folks are playing the hipster card on Bend, it wasn’t nearly as fun in person…

you guys like parties?