2020/02/14 - ExploreAsheville.com Arena - Asheville, NC

2020/02/14 - ExploreAsheville.com Arena - Asheville, NC

Set 1: (9:16) Goonville > Crucial Taunt, Mad Love > Booth Love > Andy’s Last Beer, Hurt Bird Bath, In the Kitchen (10:23)

Set 2 : (10:52) Smell the Mitten [1], All in Time > The Weight Around, Great American [2], Phil’s Farm [2][3], 1348 [4] (11:58)

Encore: (12:03) It Doesn’t Matter > All in Time (12:22)

[1] Jetsons Theme Tease
[2] with Billy Strings
[3] dedicated to Jeff Austin
[4] Roundabout Tease

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What alternate universe is this?

Tonight’s show is in Asheville? In an arena?


Fuck I’m high

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So high right now

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Cheers, Rick!

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Please play some Prince tonight.

Oh wow, my stream is delayed a bit

Hi Rick!

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Maybe because I’m high and here but was a great set.

Super weak set. Booth was dance party as always and may have been highlight. Kitchen seemed like it had wheels and then fell off. LET JAKE COUNTRY.

Hopefully S2 brings the goodness

Was happy to get ALB but pissed it lasted 5 mins. Booth Love Jam was solid and mad love has risen!

AiT jam definitely the most exploratory of the night

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Semi aborted though, never locked into anything.

I was hoping they would lock into a groove to cap it off, JOTN is yet to come.

One can only hope. The sit in will do it?

Hah, I almost mentioned it in my post but I didn’t want to make it seem like UM was incapable on their own. Great American is a great song choice to play with Billy.

I think set 2 has been great so far

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I needed 45 more seconds of that 2nd jam. Still loved it and I thought they ended it with style