2020/02/13 - The Caverns - Pelham, TN

2020/02/13 - The Caverns - Pelham, TN

Set I (8:07): Bathing Digits > The Triple Wide, In the Black, Utopian Fir [1] > Syncopated Strangers, Remind Me (9:17)

Set II (9:51): The Floor, Xmas at Wartime > Robot World > Fame, Puppet String > Nemo [2], The Bottom Half, Last Man Swerving > Puppet String (10:57)

E (11:01): I Ran [3] (11:06)

[1] Cavern (Phish) tease
[2] Over the Hills and Far Away (Led Zeppelin) tease
[3] lyrics changed to “I ran into a cave, I couldn’t get away.”

Was that an intro tease of some sort towards the end before going back to the Triple Wide?

Sounded like the end of Le Blitz

Man I gotta make this if they return next year. Looks so cool.

What was that in the wildcard of Fir?




Lmfao, no. Is that a Phish song? Not a Phan fam.

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Hahaha word. Yeah it is

Thank you. Learn something new everyday.

Would be cool if they teased/jammed “Cavern” by Liquid Liquid. It’s basically the beat to Grandmaster Flash’s “White Lines”.

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Super butthurt i had to miss this one. I just didnt have the PTO or money to swing it but all of my friends are all there.

Sup with the Cavern in the wildcard? Thats odd

Edit: lmfao. Literally took me typing it out to get it. Caverns, gotttttt it. Ill be here all week.


Cavern?!? Yoooo that’s awesome

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Two jam Fir. Digging this outro jam.

Yeah this Fir is HOT

Really solid Fir

Was hoping for a jam there with that extended ethereal spaciness…

Lmaoooooo Cavern. Fuck me besides Baylis playing Lifeboy solo, when was the last Phish song they’ve ever even teased?

I member “Bathtub Gin & Juice” from the Stew Art round of UMBowl I in 2010.

Tweet times say 30 minute Fir? Big if true.

Yeah, they vamped and jammed the outro part.

Are we really making vamp a thing now ?

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I’m not sure about 30 minutes…