2020/01/24 - Stage AE - Pittsburgh, PA

From Twitter:

I: Depth Charge->Mad Love, Rocker 2, Red Room^, Liberty Echo>Blue Echo, Divisions>Tom Sawyer>Divisions

II: Slacker, 3x>In the Black, Synchronicity II, the Bottom Half, Prowler>the Linear>Kula

E: Conduit


Last Liberty Echo 10/11/18 (114 shows)
Last Tom Sawyer 02/18/17 (263 shows)
Segues updated from Twitter setlist photo, night y’all

Wow! Love Red Room.

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What a weird looking set so far. Gotta be a Stasik setlist

dry run for Harpa?

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big gap for Liberty Echo, LTP 2018-10-11 Charlotte NC

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Nice thanks, will add to OP, thought it had popped up in the last year or so

Is Red Room a new original?

It’s from The Bottom Half album


Oh fuck me over here

solid setlist is solid

Never gonna catch Kula…

Weird looking on paper, have to imagine improv in blecho, slacker, and linear with the “linear JO” cut from the night before?

What’s this “written Dance Stew”? Assume they’ve played it before?

Well there’s “Red Moon” and then theres “Red Room Disco” on the Bottom Half album and RRD is mainly just them in the studio goofing off and trying to figure out how to play a disco version of Red Moon. So I’m confused as well. Did they finally figure out a disco approach to Red Moon?

Yeah he usually always writes the Pittsburgh shows.

Disc 1 of The Bottom Half has the song Red Room (it’s mislabeled as Red Moon on Spotify). Disc 2 had Red Room Disco which as you mentioned was them fucking around with a disco version. That was played at UMBowl 1. This is the first time Red Room has ever been played.

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Thanks for clearing that up! Fucking spotify

And it was awesome. Played for Sam Sutton’s bday request. It’s super rare that I get one song off of the “chasing” list knocked off at a show, Red Room>Liberty Echo knocked off two in a row.

Fuck! It finally pops up

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Wow red room huh. Very cool

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