2019 UM Thread

This is a safe space to talk about one of my favorite years of Umphreys.

Was just enjoying some 8/29 and 8/30 recently. Great shows. Especially Cut Off > Eat > Linear from 8/30.

Let’s talk fatty 2019 jams



2019 HBC is one of my favorite shows of all time and it’s got some stiff competition because I’m a seasoned vet that’s been seeing shows since 2012.

2019 is a great year overall. Those Brooklyn jams and the Penns Milk I’ll put up against any jams from any era in terms of enjoyability and how much I want to relisten. Just amazing stuff.

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How much did winnertakesall pay you to post this

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Thanks for editing the title @sociablehodor

Why am I allowed to edit thread titles? I’m gonna abuse this power. What is going on?!

IDK you ever hear 2/15 and 8/15 Plungers though?

Great jams

Wasn’t that great of a year tbh. I guess when you compare it to 2014-2018 UM tho

I’m with ya @cshore, 2019 was a great year for top shelf UM shows.

Sleeper 2019 jam, 12/28 Nemo. Not too long, but so beautiful.

8/29 second set is also absolutely one of my favorites from last year. AIT, Red Tape and Wappy jams crush, and throw in 13 Days & Alex’s as the standard songs? So good.

I’ll make a fluff post later but I love 2019. Been really digging 3/1 AIT lately and 4/4 Linear is a must listen.

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Bro the title of the thread isn’t “talk shit about 2019 UM” it’s… let’s see… cshore licks balls


+1 on the replay value. Just the other day I was thinking of that thread on the last bort about how August 2019 was as strong as any one month in UM history, sounds crazy but it’s way up there. 2019 UM jams get me wet

As far as shows I saw last year, 2/15, 3/29 and 12/30 were all top fucking tier, and 1/31, 2/14, 6/22, 8/29 and 8/30 were also incredible shows IMO.

And while I’m feeling analytical, 8/4 and 9/1 were straight trash

8/3? Isn’t that the one with a monster August, Deeper, and Fir? The August from that Montana show is so good.

Whoops, meant the next night 8/4. Had an absolute blast driving through CO/UT to get there, so much fucking beautiful scenery, and had a great night hanging with friends at the beautiful venue.

But, trash show.

Agreed, 8/3 is fucking awesome

There are some weird and weak 2019 shows that still have some gems buried in there. 8/10 Chicago Phil’s & Draconian, 8/31 Day & Night Nurse & Mantis for instance…

True and 9/1 Phil’s. The shitty shows in 2019 lack what the great shows have which is fantastic flow.

One thing I love about 3/29 in particular is that feeling like there is no weak section of the show. I could say the same about 12/30 and 8/29 in particular too

I mean 2/14, 2/15, and 2/16 are all so good, that is one of the best 3-night runs of UM…ever? Watched some of these from the vids @opsopcopolis posted in the Vault thread and goddamn was the improv on fire for those shows.

I was just saying it was probably the best 3 nighter I’ve seen. BK run had so many highlights. Blecho, Bridgeless, Ringo, 1348, Red Tape, Little Gift, Plunger, Bad Friday, Mantis, Attachments…