2019/12/30 - The Fillmore - Denver, CO

2019/12/30 - The Fillmore - Denver, CO

Set I (9:30 MST): Ringo > Jam > Ringo > Jam [1] > Ringo > Jam [2] > Ringo (10:33 MST)

Set II (11:07 MST): 1348 -> Hajimemashite, Miami Virtue > Scenes From An Italian Restaurant [3], Remind Me, The Linear > Bridgeless (12:17 MST)

Encore: (12:21 MST): Booth Love [4] > 1348 (12:33 MST)

[1] Kyle Hollingsworth on keys; Jimmy Stewart with lyrics
[2] Jeff Coffin on sax; Jimmy Stewart with lyrics
[3] Billy Joel; Last played 2010/02/05 - 1,000 shows; with Nick Gerlach on sax
[4] with Nick Gerlach on sax

Set I was the all improv set as advertised.

Oh shit :rofl:

I bought the stream late and jumped in while Kyle Hollingsworth was up with them, totally unaware of where they were in the set.

I convinced myself that I must have missed a song between the time that Kyle Hollingsworth left the stage and Jeff Coffin wrapped up his great guest appearance.

Fuckin Ringo, man

Solid run continues by the looks of this one. Really excited for S1 to get up on nugs.

Seriously one song S1? Albeit with two lyrical stewarts but really? Woah.

Yup, I can’t wait to listen to that first set.

Is this an unprecedented move in UM history? Love that they did this!

With some of the newer jam bands doing stuff like this lately (Spafford busted out a single song set this year, maybe Dopapod as well?), I have been really wishing UM would get a little looser with their sets. Especially with the UM Bowl break, it makes total sense for them to incorporate some of these techniques into normal shows. I hope to see more of this in regular shows!

Stew Art set tonight?

I wouldn’t say unprecedented. I think they are just harkening back to UMBowl days since it’s been on such a break. I’m all for the bustout/improv/CYOA sets, but it’s quite a bit of a different animal when the band goes into it and its totally planned. Spaff and the like seem to be more off the cuff when it comes to those huge improv sets.

With that said, I am super interested to see what goes down with the 4 sets tonight. I would imagine Stew Art is certainly in the cards. I am also thinking that each set with have it’s own theme of some sort.

God damn, this jam with Kyle is beautiful. So far it has been:

Ringo >
Jam (more rocking) >
Ringo >
Jam >
Lyrical Stewart >
Jam w/ Kyle (soaring > funky) . . .

Improv set was hella fun to stream, wish I could have been there. Kyle sit-in was easily one of my favorite sit ins.

My only gripe is these fucking distortions that tourgigs has started doing… please stop that shit.

They are playing 4 sets tonight?

It’s listed as 3 sets.

From UM’s FB the wording definitely makes it seem like it will be 4 sets

I think that refers to the whole run, ie improv set, cyoa set and 2 rarity sets? I can’t possibly imagine they’re going to do 4 sets tonight. Kris was clearly tired as shit by the end of the night last night.

Anyway this show was incredible. My only gripe with the Ringo set was they kept the same tempo through all of the improv which could’ve used a little breakup at some point. Otherwise, good times. Set 2 was fun too, big 1348 and great Virtue. Awkward flub coming back into Remind Me, and Linear was really cool but aborted too soon. This will definitely break my top 5 though. Super fun time.

Probably right. I get excited okay???

Really stoked to check out this Ringo. Will be puttin it on in a few hours once im off work.

Did people not get the memo that there was going to be an improv set during the run?

For not having played it in 1,000 shows, the “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” was really quite good!

Most did. But many don’t follow the band on social media.

These NYE sets look great.

last night I thought they brought back 2 jam Ringos, but after 25 mins in, I figured out this was the improv set.