2019/12/28 - The Fillmore - Denver, CO

I: Draconian, Wormbog> Nemo>Crucial Taunt, Mantis, Uncle Wally> Wizard

II: In the Kitchen> looks, Plunger> Speak Up(1), Higgins> Tribulations(2)> Mulches>Higgins>Mulches

E: Wappy>plunger

Enjoy your day off and have a good New Years!

Set 1: Choose your own adventure set
(1) it’s about that time tease
(2) LCD soundsystem debut

Anyone else having constant buffering?

No I’m good so far, knock on wood…

next is wormborg, dear lord, or glory

damn, I’m at 100/100 speeds, but am casting, so that may be the issue.

Next vote: Fuzz, Nemo, FF (all with improv)

so this set is similar to the UMBOWL sets with monitors and fan voting?


Love Nemo but it would’ve been hard to see Fuzz and FF with improv get passed over

I was really hoping for the fuzz with improv

Feels like it’s been a while since Fuzz got some tasty improv and you know FF with improv delivers.

Red Tape, Sim Skin, or Mantis (with JO)

100% agrees with this. Now mantis over tape…

Nemo was hard to see over FF/Fuzz but fortunately jam was great.

Oh, Mantis jam getting dark

I love red tape, but mantis does deliver with improv usually as well. But red tape is one of my favorite songs though.

I hear it’s Wally next

Love love love Uncle Wally. This set has been fantastic.

Yes yes yes, such a good song. Wish they’d play it more.

WBG, Cem 2, Go to Hell