2011/01/27 - House of Blues - Boston, MA

I: 2nd Self, Great American, Intentions Clear > Get In the Van, Passing, Resolution
II: All In Time -> Walletsworth, Come Closer, Conduit, August, Much Obliged > All In Time
E: Front Porch > Hysteria > Front Porch

Important show

Throwing this one on when I get home from work today.



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Best show. Most improv show

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Best show attended by far. Top 3 show of one of the best UM years ever. Let’s see a listening guide for this one!

Great American & Intentions Clear back to back is just insanely good.

Best UM show ever I’ll fight you

GA 14:30
IC 14:05
Reso 17:36
AiT (total) 24:45
Conduit 13:44
August 15:17
MO 16:06

Fuckin A right.

:goat: probably says it all. Better logo than the :rhinoceros: too.

Man this show is so good, why can’t the sound quality be better on the recording?

This was such a landmark year in my life. I had seen UM once in 2008, once in 2009, and then at the 2010 Hyannis show something clicked and I decided that I immediately needed to buy tickets to the NYE run.

That NYE run completely blew my mind at the time. I remember telling my friends “man, it would be so awesome if they covered roundabout” and then that evening they did. Then, fresh off having my mind blown at NYE, just a few weeks later I am on the rail for this show, and thus began my obsession and I went on to see 15 more shows that year.

Also, almost got stabbed at this show by the guy who Brendan mentions during the Conduit jam. He tried to say he could take our spot because “he had seen 70 phish shows”… like anyone cares. Told him to fuck off and he pulled out a knife, and fortunately got immediately tackled by security. Good times.

I guess this warrants posting again: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k2l3o0u1ndv6vna/AAAprbkDLPCcgfNY_RyzlT7_a?dl=0


:goat: show siyd

Thanks for the remaster! Downloading it now.

Thanks again Ben for the remaster. I put this for a spin the other day on nugs and was like “fuck, Ben’s recording is so much better.” It’s like what did they forget to turn the bass track on?!?

There was a discussion on oldbort about this August being “sublime” and I think that really fits it. Certainly one of my favorite versions. Then again nearly all the songs from this show are among my favorite versions

Love this August. I listened to this show on a road trip a couple months ago. We were coming through this huge mountain pass right at sunset. This August was perfect for the occasion.

Fun show :dancer::dancer:

Happy ten year GOAT showiversary. Here’s my remaster again Dropbox - Umphrey's McGee - 2011-01-27 Boston, MA (opsopcopolis Remaster) - Simplify your life


HBD to my favorite UM show ever and DEFINITELY the best of 2011. I’m actually going to listen to UM for the first time in months.

I love this Bayliss 2nd Self solo so much. I’m missing UM for the first time in quite a while. It’s a shame they haven’t been good in 10 years.