01/27/2023 - GLC Live at 20 Monroe - Grand Rapids, MI

Set One: There’s No Crying in Mexico > 40’s Theme, Words, Small Strides, Mantis, Booth Love [1]

Set Two: Night Nurse > Much Obliged, Hiccup, Cemetery Walk > Cemetery Walk II [2], Out of Focus, The Triple Wide

Encore: Orfeo > All in Time

Show Notes:
[1] Mike Quinn on Saxophone
[2] Ross Bogan on Keys

This show ripped.top tier jams in Small Strides and Mantis.


That’s cool to hear. I like the looks of a NN s2 opener as well. Set 1 looks more intriguing in general though, especially being a 5 song set, not including the intro tune.

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Looks interesting, if not a little weird flow wise.

That was also a zinger. This was definitely one of the best shows I’ve personal seen. I was bitching about no mantis songs last weekend and just got slammed with them. It was perfect.

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Heard the Mantis was very legit. Looking forward to listening



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Had a blast tonight. Great show.

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22 min Manty? I’m excited. Second set doesn’t look great track time wise

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I love this set list on paper. Get rid of the CW>CW2 and it would be nearly perfect for me.

MO becoming more “rare” these days it seems. Nice to see that back in there. NN>MO to open a set is awesome. Keep the Small Strides coming!!


Looks like a ton of fun. Miss umphreys. Luckily got four shows of my favorite umphreys cover band coming up in march.

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Still cheesin from last night. I really didn’t expect much from a cookie cutter live nation venue but the balcony was actually a great spot to watch a show. Would definitely come back


That’s a dang good shot.


I just wanna know how that Grand Rapids lot scene was


This is the real question. How many \mm/ hats were sold?


That is some really great song selection for my tastes. Nice to see words pop up again

Was an enjoyable listen overall. More flow than the night before. Mantis, Booth, MO, and heavy flavor early in AIT (some spillover energy from the cut WBG?) we’re the highlights for me.

WBG got cut which means they’ll probably play it tonight. Find me in the smoking section burning doobies as this happens.


This Mantis is legit