Winter Tour 2020

What are the rumblings? Im within earshot of #100 and want to make the proper arrangements to get there while in Iceland.

Assuming no Detroit or Milwaukee. Grand Rapids or Kzoo again? Obligatory East Coast dates?


Hey jwelsh, do you know what the difference is between GA1 ($25) and GA2 ($27.50) for the Bend show on 2/26? Thanks!


I’m kinda excited to hit a bunch of rando midweek shows over the next few weeks. Penn’s, Ft. Wayne, OH

Where do you live that you’re covering that much ground during the week? I’m in Columbus and aiming for Pittsburgh and Cleveland, but Ft. Wayne on a (I think) Wednesday is tough for me to swing because of work.

It’s a perfect combo of being able to work remote and needing to drive from Chicago back to DC midweek.

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Ahh, got it. Sounds like the perfect storm, I love it. I miss being able to work remotely so badly.

Trigger pulled on the entire California run. Gonna be a great four-night run. Three Aqueous openers (and probably a cool late night in there) and then an intimate show at Terrapin.

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Hoping that because UM is doing Jazz Fest and not Sweetwater Fest, the southeast (GA, SC, NC, AL, TN) is set to get a couple early summer dates. OR could mean Hauntlanta back at the Tab or NYE.

Looks like the Oakland show has been postponed

I really wouldn’t be surprised if we see more cancellations/postponements moving forward. Hopefully, people take action and understand we need to mitigate this thing as a community, or unfortunately its only going to get worse. Don’t buy into the hysteria, but don’t be a moron either.

​Due to the need to prioritize public safety, coupled with the Governor of California’s decision to ban large public gatherings, this weekend’s four UM shows are unfortunately postponed.

We are looking at options to reschedule dates and appreciate your patience while determining next steps. As soon as we have additional info to share, we will. Stay safe and follow the guidelines in your community — we all need to do our part to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and look out for each other

Hate this for everyone who was hitting the Cali run. Very thankful that I was able to hit 6 shows in Jan/Feb before this all broke out though.

Seriously same here too. Who knows when they will be able to play again.

Yea bummer all around. I’d have to imagine UMBowl is in serious jeopardy too.

Sorry West Coast UMbros :persevere:

I’m sad. Walking around SD with luggage I won’t need. Already canceled, and refunded, my return flight from LA but need to book another one for tonight or tomorrow from SD. Just a big blow all around. Four UM shows (with Aqueous opening at that!), Wilco, and Spafford all canceled in one fell swoop. This shit better clear up before Oysterhead!

Yup, this fucking sucks so hard

Yeah, I’m currently feeling like yesterday afternoon was the wrong time to decide to book flights and purchase UmBowl tickets. Hopefully they can get this shit under control in the next 6 weeks.

Based on how they tried to push Iceland and CA, I’d reckon we don’t hear about UMBowl for a while.