What Shows Are You Seeing

Great show from The Gaslight Anthem in CT last night. Glad they’re back, they sounded as good as ever. Hadn’t been back to this venue (The Dome at the Oakdale) since the ripping 7/14/11 UM show. Pretty cool spot.


bet they crushed that AiC cover. glad to hear they are sounding good, the '59 Sound tour was such a drop in quality from the show I saw in 2014

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The show I saw on The '59 Sound tour had an incredible setlist but they were definitely cashing in on the nostalgia and not fully into it. Brian is kind of a temperamental guy and seems to be in much better spirits now with the band back full time; the vibe was much more similar to the shows I saw back in '12-'14.

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I always wondered if it was the Riv being more oversold than I’ve ever seen it or if the show really was that uninspired. I can totally see the shows being lackluster if Brian’s not into it. Seems like he calls the shots and sometimes he wants to make another solo album, play some shows with the Crowes, do some crazy shit like Molly & the Zombies, etc…

Fuck yeah

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I can’t decide if it’s worth paying $100 to see Les Claypool’s flying frog brigade tomorrow. What do people think? Such a bummer skerik isn’t there

I wouldnt. Just my opinion. But im sure the show will be fun.

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That’s kind of how I feel, but Les is always a great time. I know they will play Thela Hun Ginjeet and all of Animals. Steep price… I’ll probably skip it tho. Can’t believe how higher the demand for this is than any recent Primus show


Yeah, im kinda bummed about missing Animals. But I sold my tickets for the Boscoes. So don’t listen to me lol

Just wait closer to show time. I bet cheap tix will show up.


I would still go. Would try go get in cheaper, but yea. No Skerik is a huge bummer.

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Yeah just saw that they are busting out tomorrow never knows as well. I fucking love the cover that the Lennon Claypool delirium does. Seeing thela, all of animals, poss a tnk and some Primus thrown in. Insta sold

All Time Low w/ Mayday Parade tonight with the “wife”

Seeing The Flaming Lips tomorrow, my first indoor show since Phish @ MSG in 2019, first show period since Keller in Sept 2020. Been way too long, so excited.


I’ll be there, too!


Awesome man! Come say hi if you see me (very tall fat guy, probably wearing a mask), I stick out in a crowd.


Doing the claypool frog brigade show tonight. Pretty stoked. Anyone catch any of this tour yet?


Had a friend send me some clips from a cali show. Said it was rad af

Puscifer last night was great. Same exact show I saw last year but it was still fun.


I didn’t even realize that they were doing a tour right now