What is the best date in the history of Umphrey’s?

Today the 12.1 bumps for Today in Umphrey’s McGee History got me thinking is there a specific date or days in the history of this band that featured like 3+ burners of shows?

I feel like we could come up with at least a group of dates for debate. I won’t throw 12.1 in contention yet but looking back on today’s history makes me think there more than a few dates in nearly 25 years that the band has thrown down on more often than not. I feel like maybe 12.29 or 12.30 could be a possibility but curious what dash Bort thinks…

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NYE runs and some other typical holidays may have more good shows in part due to them being played most every year.

One I’ve noticed in shows I’ve seen is 9/26. 2015 was a top show and 2010 was above average. It appears they’ve only played that day one other time in 2003.

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@OSUmBeaverPhreak I feel like you’ve started this exact topic on previous Bort iterations.

I think there was discussion around 07/01 being pretty good.


Had both of those thoughts.

9/14 and 1/27 have good shows

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2-9 and 2-14

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