Waful's Replacement

It’s gonna be The Lapper, eh?

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Waful back on the lights, but for Bisco


Always enjoyed his lights but he was such a whiny little bitch about having one of the most fun jobs in the world.


Him quitting over “back problems” and then going to three nights of phish while leaving the band in a lurch was such a shitty thing to do.


While I appreciated his lighting and some of the video production he did for the band, he was by far the least approachable and social of the entire touring staff.

he can suck a dick for telling me to lower my mic stand, which wasn’t even in his way - eugene 2013


Remember when he asked to ride on the bands bus and got shot down instantly?


I heard through the grapevine that the crew wanted him out sooner than the NYE run. So I’m not entirely sure Waful left fully on his own terms…


I requested Believe the Lie at this show since it was my first Oregon show after moving here the summer prior and Joel hooked it up with a 154 show gap bustout of it.

Joel is the man. Waful? Not so much. I still wouldn’t mind making these stickers I had an idea for where it was a Belgian waffle with a hole in the middle oozing out frosting. I called it the “Fuck Waful”. Maybe that ship has sailed but I’d still get a laugh out it if I made it.