Umphrey's Merch

Rather than a “favorite Umphrey’s Merch Releases” thread from all-timer @OSUmBeaverPhreak, I figured we could dump the shit KB is peddling in here. Glad we’re moving to seatbelt belts that were cool in 2004

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Also FYI, the only legitimate piece of merch they ever put out is still available


When did those pop up? Def will buy one.

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I had a flex dad hat back in the day that I wore all the time. I think it was a plain black hat with a little “Fir” tree on the side of it. So mad I lost that one.

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I always lose hats. :frowning:

My favorite UM merch was the navy utopian beanie. I think I’ve got like 4 of them floating around somewhere.

If anyone has an old UM hat they don’t use, let me know. I’m in the market

Best I can do is a Fux hat.