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Because as a musician it makes me feel better damnitt! Always good for lols

I meant to put this up on Valentine’s Day weekend- 2/14/2015 Hey 19. Kris counts off the wrong song and they have to restart after some laughs. “Come find me if you want refunds” always gets me :sweat_smile:

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There was a Slacker from a number of years ago where the band totally falls apart for a few seconds. Can’t remember what show. I think it was mentioned on the old bort. I’m sure somebody knows what I’m talking about.

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I don’t think that’s the one I heard. Whole band falls apart for a second. Didn’t hear it in that version. Got a timestamp?

oh no, I wasn’t replying to you but just posting to the thread in general.

I have this thread archived from the old brot. I’ll dig it up in a bit.

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Bonnaroo 06. At the end of Morning Song, there is the definition of a train wreck. I assume half of the band thought they were going to skip Words and go into 40’s which they try and it’s just a total shit show, a quick abort and into Words they went.

I was just going to post this. Quick link for those that want to hear it.

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here’s the slacker you seek…


Damn thats a great one lol. Even when they do finally get to 40’s it’s still roughAF

Oh yeah. That’s it for sure, at 1:13. Love the “wah wah wah” Stasik plays to acknowledge it.

Ha wow this Bonnaroo one is really bad.

Joel talks about that Bonnaroo bomb in this podcast interview @ 1:03:35.


here’s a pdf of the old thread…!pIZ3gYbb!L_XOQWxcJUDrP6Tp0PCGrzb8w4wIwjUJeQnofhGD4ck

12/31/12 Tribute during one of the tempo changes. Half of the rhythm section goes one way, Jake goes another, BB goes another. Takes them about 4 or 8 bars to get back into it

03.17.2007 The Morris Performing Arts Center, South Bend, IN, USA

Set 1: Plunger, Walletsworth, Higgins, Morning Song, Nemo, Liquid > Words

Set 2: Prowler > All In Time[1], JaJunk[2] > End of the Road[3] > Alex’s House[4] > JaJunk, Ringo[5], Red[5]

Encore: I Want You (She’s So Heavy)[6], Thela Hun Ginjeet[6]


lol this show is so terrible

10/19/13 Portland, ME. They open Gurgle > 2nd Self and Joel botches the intro and comes in a beat early. He ends up just not playing anything during the intro. Rough way to start.

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dear lord, these are all terrible… and yet, i love every second of their awfulness…

that said, it makes me super happy to be a fan in the here and now…