Umphrey’s At The Drive Inn

Idk how much this costs but it is too much.


In b4 pricing complaints


100% in for both nights

Too late!


That’s pretty pricey for only one night, but I’m still considering it. Was supposed to be at Dick’s and can still take advantage of the holiday weekend. Need to see if any Cincy friends would make the drive.

I’d love to do this. Might try for Saturday. Those prices are steep though

So for a four person car it ranges from $62.5 per person to $101.25.

For a six person car the range would be $56.33 to $82.17.

62.50 per person. Supply and demand

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any idea how far away section C is from the stage? would love to make this happen but not going to pay $62 if I’m super far back and have to sit in a parking stall all night…

100% in for both nights. Fuck yes.

I honestly just worry this’ll be a ticketing/sell out shit show


It says seating map to come. This is my hesitation, that it’ll probably be just the “wife” and I, we’d be driving from Cincy, and won’t be shelling out for the premium seats.

The more I talk about it, I’m probably not going…

It’s a soccer stadium so I’d say Section C is at least 85 yards away from the stage.

@Jolson, my concern too. I’d only have 3 people for this and Billy which means both events are $80+ each. Being close enough to see well would be $115 or $135 each for the 3 of us.

@Jolson thanks, missed that last bullet point about the map.

and @snuckaskitchen that’s sort of what I was thinking too

This is no more expensive than pretty much any Chicago UM show

Edit: assuming you have four people in a car


Over here in MD just hoping for a 2-set full production UM show stream


don’t worry, when shows come back they’ll skip Chicago for a few years because of this “special event”

I am definitely going to at least one night and am stoked that they’re doing this…

All praise team UM minus one.

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Let’s crew up, bro.

Might be down. We’re now thinking of just going to Chicago for the whole weekend.

Are you still in Cincy?

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@jwelsh8 Do we know how many spots are going to be available yet?