UM Posters Thread

I think you’re just listing details though. Stylistically it’s all the same and it’s a cohesive piece. It’s not like a pair of boots with rocket ships in the corner and a ham sandwich stuffed between the laces or some random bullshit like some of their posters are


I dig. Seems UM posters are so often bad that they’ve poisoned the well. A decent poster still gets a lot of hate.


@cshore Sq Ft poster idea


I don’t hate it, but I definitely don’t love it. Too busy for my taste. There are elements that I like (boots/stump/flower), but the overall product just isn’t for me.

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I don’t disagree. It’s not my style but I appreciate it. Kind of has similar vibes to the RR ‘17 poster

I like this one and would def hang that on my wall. Would probably buy if I were going.

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Flash sale happening on the UM site. Looks like some recent prints got added, including some discounted damaged Cap Theater prints. Has anyone seen the AP drop for that Steely print? I was hoping to snag a foil but I haven’t seen them released.