UM Posters Thread

Here are the ones we’ve had since the old bort ended…

Here’s the turd for this run

Fuck that is so bad.

I kinda like it. Always been a fan of Klausen’s work. Have some really great PJ Klausens.


Love Klausen and def gonna try for a foil

I like that foil variant

I actually dig that. Like a lot

Kind of reminds me of the Panic in the Streets cover in a way

I get it.

It’s a Wizard of Oz and Noah’s Ark Mashup

Follow the Yellow Indian’s Noah’s Ark Trail.

Personally like it. Who’s the artist?

Zeb Love

Don’t love it but I like it.

Still doesn’t hold a candle to Peoria '17 though

Big ‘ol thumbprint on foil #50


Lol right?

Me gusta

Tour print

Damn that tour print is really cool

Yeah I’ll be passing on the BBowl print