Top Female Vocalists

Nothing better than the better sex singing some good tunes. I’ve always loved female vocalists, mostly in the bluegrass and folk genres. Who else should I be listening to bort fam?

Some of my favorites…

Beth Gibbons
Aoife O’Donovan
Sarah Jarosz
Sara Watkins
Nikki Bluhm

Linsday Lou has a fantastic voice as far as the folk stuff goes.

I’ll check her out, thanks!

Linsday Lou & The Flatbellys is her band. From Michigan but now based out of Nashville

Really dig this band. Really R&B/jazz influenced but are straight outta Australia.


They’re the best. Nicki Bluhm’s newest record is great. Way better than the Gramblers stuff IMO.

Amanda Shires
Gaby Moreno
Brandi Carlile
Natalie Prass
Sierra Hull
Kacey Musgraves
I really like Ilse DeLange’s record Gavel & Dust. Not a huge fan of her newer one.

Esperanza Spalding
Nai Palm
Snoh Aalegra


haley fohr
andrea estella

Merril Garbus from Tune-Yards
Nai Palm from Haitus
Nina Simon
Ella Fitzgerald
Esperenza Spalding

some of my favs from the top of my head

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I’ll second the Esperanza Spalding rec and raise you a Rachael Price.

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Appreciate the recommendations. I have lots of listening to do!

I forgot Grace Potter in my original post. Absolutely adore her. I saw her sing Southern Man live with Gov’t Mule years ago and she was just electric. I’ve been a big fan ever since.

I urge anyone on the bort who hasn’t listened to I’m With Her to give them an immediate listen. Aoife O’Donovan, Sarah Jarosz, and Sara Watkins are some of the purest and most beautiful songwriters in the music business right now. They all have amazing solo work but they really shine when the three of them are together. Their harmonies are incredible.

She’s an OG. Same reason you don’t see people posting about Amy Winehouse. She’s near the top

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Oh fuck, good call. I love LSD and Rachel Price is amazing. Can’t believe I forgot about her.

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We had tickets to see LSD in NH before covid hit. Such a bummer, they’re incredible.


Donna Godchaux


Jokes on you, she got to party with the Dead during the 70s and she’s still alive.

I’d squeal into the mic like a raccoon too if I woulda been giving the same outcome.

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I like Rachel Price with other people but can’t say I like LSD. Can’t believe I forgot about Esperanza

Who are the best female singers that really fucking rock and have an edge? I love Allison Mosshart (The Kills/Dead Weather) and would be into more along those lines.

Most female fronted heavier bands make me cringe and I know that’s not fair but it’s the truth.

Gillian Welch