I’m a game time decision tonight. Last week I was feeling under the weather so I did not make it. Tomorrow’s my "wife’'s birthday so I should probably stay in so I can make her breakfast or something but we will see. Definitely planning on the last three of the residency.

it is a different story once school lets out for the summer. so will be missing this week for sure, but the back half of the month puts us in a different situation. though, we’ll see – strummit at the latest

not looking good for me to hit the Wednesday shows, since I have pickles games (partial season tickets) the next few Wednesdays

I think I’m going to hit the show tonight.

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Me too. Did you see Shafty is playing 8/13 at the Alberta Abbey?

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I did now :slight_smile:

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Is this a bmfs after party?

I doubt it but I only have tickets the 12th so I’m free regardless. That would be tight if it was though. I might ask Rob.

Fuck Game 4 looks to be going to OT…

Nice atmospheric cover of Jeremy tonight.

The Get Down is a venue with a lot of potential.

Thinking of going to the show tomorrow. Last one of the residency.

a few weeks ago i pretty much resigned myself to the likelihood that strummit would be my first time with this band. with a full slate of norway-trip prep this evening, i’ll have to plan on hitting a show at the get down some other time

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