Cool little new band out of Portland, Oregon featuring the keyboardist from Emancipator Ensemble, the guy from Everyone Orchestra on drums, and the former bassist of Shafty, Portland’s Tribute to Phish as a three piece.

Check out their albums here…

If you like live improv, these guys know how to lay down some grooves. I haven’t seen them live yet (only listened to their recordings so far), but they are playing the next five Tuesday’s at an old haunt so I’m going to check them out ASAP. @sabretooth, @swb0nd, @KingCon, and @ApostropheTH - they’ll be at the Goodfoot for $5 at 9PM tomorrow and every Tuesday in March if you’ve got nothing going on. I’ll be there late!


ha just saw one of the band members post on the black board. will check it out.

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I’ve been hearing some pretty gnarly things about the Goodfoot from some of the PDX females I know, so I really haven’t missed the place too much during the pandemic.

Bring B.A.R.N. back! I want that residency to complete.

my favorite venue, probably ever. this is disheartening. i’m know a few people who work there pretty well (rob, hambone, andy cobb), and am genuinely curious about gnarliness

Yeah, it’s a lot about dudes taking advantage of dim lighting and layout to take advantage of women there.

I have to be honest, if it wasn’t for the music they have there, I think the venue kind of sucks.

EDIT: I think my opinion would be vastly different if I was there regularly when Shaft/Yak 2.0 were at their peaks, I’ve only been here since late 2019.

honestly, it kinda started to go down hill circa 2016 when they moved out the one pinball machine they had downstairs


threedom added to strummit lineup

The first three Threedom shows have been pretty sweet. Check out the jamming here:

See ya Tuesday!

(And for those who are avoiding the Goodfoot, don’t worry, Threedom is rumored to be playing the new inner SE venue, The Get Down, sometime in April!)

Last night of the residency tonight. They covered Abraxas a couple weeks ago…

…hope to see some of you sooner than later!

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Think I have to make this happen for the final chance of the residency.

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Awesome to see you last night Max! Looks like there are still tickets available for Sigur Ros in May so I’ll look into grabbing a pair for my “wife” and I…hell yeah!

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Fuck yeah Mike, glad I was able to get out. Really happy you’re doing great and hope to run into you again soon!

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Finally getting around to checking these guys out. A+

Thanks for putting these guys on my radar.


@sabretooth @KingCon @swb0nd @ApostropheTH


Hell yeah brotherr. My homie is doing the lights at get down now. Fun new lil venue. Wish these dudes would play some weekend shows tho. Hopefully soon.



haven’t been yet


They’ll be at Strummit too. I haven’t been to the Get Down yet but looking forward to these five shows. I met a friend of yours back in April - @Indiandy - good dude! Hope we get a weekend date after the summer for Threedom.


no idea what this venue is, but based on the website it sounds like a dream. i genuinely hope to get to witness this run of shows.

anybody catch the first show of the run last night? couldn’t make it last night, but hope to make it out for the next week or three.

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I’m hoping to do at least one of the last two, but can’t make the next ones.