The Portland Shows

Anyone else bummed these didn’t happen? Biscuits haven’t been to Portland since 2001 and they were slated to play two nights at the Roseland in August. I really hope they re-book some shows up here when they can; besides Identity at the Gorge they haven’t come closer than High Sierra for over a decade. There is a pretty solid crew of Biscuits fans here we even have an impromptu cover band called the Whisker Biscuits that will play once in a very moon.

Anyway, I’ll probably create another handle to discuss this with myself but just thought I’d see if anyone else was bummed like me. Rage Against the Machine and Biscuits in Portland were supposed to be crossed off the bucket list this summer. :frowning:

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Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR

DJ Mauricio spun before the show and between sets.

S1 Jam 1 > Koyaanisqatsi Jam 2 > Above The Waves 3 4 > The Overture 5 3 > Floes

S2 7-11 > Little Betty Boop 6 3 > Spacebirdmatingcall, Jigsaw Earth, Triumph > Aceetobee 7

1 With DJ Mauricio, segued out of his set.

2 Improvised score to portions of Godfrey Reggio’s ‘Koyaanisqatsi’.

3 inverted

4 With ‘I-Man’ tease.

5 With ‘Sister Judy’s Soul Shack’ tease.

6 With ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ tease.

7 With ‘Linus and Lucy’ (Vince Guiraldi) tease.

(Last show played in Portland…)

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Can’t comment on Portland, but they haven’t played MKE since ‘07. Not quite as bad of a gap, but I can feel your pain. Heard there was gonna be a show or two at the Riverside this Aug or Sept. I sure hope that (very solid) rumor comes true after things get back to normal. Would love to be able sleep in my own bed after a show, w/o having to drive back from Madison or Chi.

07/18/2007The RaveMilwaukee, WI

Set 1: Astronaut, Boom Shanker, Little Lai> Cyclone> Little Lai, Mulberry’s Dream

Set 2: Reactor> Triumph> Basis For A Day> The Very Moon> Basis For A Day> Reactor, Spaga

Encore: Wet, Lithium

SIgned. I’d probably be down for a whisker bisco show if and when it happens next.

If Biscuits reschedule the Portland shows I am in. I was gonna do the Denver ones but now Portland would be way closer for me.

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PT is saying 6/10

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7/15, close enough

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put in my request!

I have 1 or possibly 2 balcony extras for the PDX show. Would sell below face to a borter.

hold these*. @OSUmBeaverPhreak asked me about balcony tickets yesterday **

edit: *, please **, thanks!

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