The Doniac Schvice

Most of '04 with the exception of SPAC. '09-'11, '14, '16, '22 are all by-and-large skipable


Looks like most those recently added 3.0 nugs shows are pretty good

Oh great, the years with the Phish shows I’ve seen

The SF '16 run is fucking fantastic. Probably the best, most consistent three night run I’ve seen from them.

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I loved 2 of the MSG shows I saw in 2016 actually but mostly agree with the year overall.

01/02/16 to kick my year off and 12/30/16 to close it.

The Gin and second set segment of Tweezer > Sparks > Ghost > Light in 12/30 are worth a visit.

Yea there were good runs in all those years. I am just talking overall

I’d add Alpine night 2 to the worthy ‘04 list. First night had some solid stuff as well, but that “last Alpine show” on 6/26 was fire. Second set is a serious party from the opening notes of Boogie On all the way through Hood (except f’n pussy ass Friday :-1: ). Possum encore was a solid send off also.

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My favorite Boogie On they have played

Listening to some sort of backwards numbers show they did in 2021. The 2001>1999 is dope.


Whole show rules. Next night too

Happy to put together a nugs playlist for you with the highlights they have on there from 3.0 shows


Do it

Gimme all your fucking money(playlists)

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Alpine Valley '19 Ruby Waves is must listen and on nugs.


Will put together between meetings. Will make it flow by timeline/years

There actually wasnt as much to choose from on nugs as i orginally thought

This doesnt include close to all the 3.0 highlights, and only has a couple of the best jams, but this is the best of what is on nugs

Check out this playlist “PHISH: 3.0” I made on @nugsnet Shared Playlist : PHISH: 3.0



Narrator: he did

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Appreciate it brother. And anytime you’re up for a 2.0 playlists, I’m game.

One thing i notice is, when Phish has a hot show, it isn’t because of a song, segment, or even a set, it’s the whole damn show.

I have a big 2.0 playlist already, but its on livephish

Its posted somewhere in this thread


Link it