The Case for Change: Why Kevin Browning Must Go

Hey everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to discuss an important topic that has been on my mind for quite some time now. In recent years, there has been a noticeable decline when it comes to the performances and decisions made by Umphrey’s McGee. After Kevin Browning transitioned from the soundboards to a managerial position in 2011, it seems that the band’s trajectory took a detour for the worse.

Let’s examine the facts. Since Browning took over UM HQ, there has been a constant push to appeal to the masses. While it’s important for any band to expand their reach, the decisions made under Browning’s leadership have often come across as purely profit-driven. One prime example of this is the debacle at the Bill Graham show, where the focus seemed to be more on making a quick buck rather than delivering an exceptional musical experience for the fans.

Furthermore, turning a documentary into a cash grab leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of loyal fans. The documentary should have been an opportunity to showcase the band’s journey and deepen our connection with their music. Instead, it turned into another opportunity for Browning to capitalize on.

Let’s not forget the questionable decision to play at the Beacon Theater. While it may have seemed like a prestigious venue, it didn’t resonate with the essence of Umphrey’s McGee. It felt like a move aimed at impressing the masses rather than staying true to their roots.

Another area of concern is the UMVIP program. More often than not, it feels like a waste of money. The experiences offered rarely live up to the hype and leave fans feeling disappointed. If Browning truly wants to enhance the fan experience, it’s high time to reassess the UMVIP program and provide something of real value.

Moreover, the marketing campaigns for albums and merchandise have been lackluster at best. They often come across as corny and fail to generate the excitement and anticipation they should. A change in management is needed to inject fresh ideas and strategies that can truly resonate with the fans.

The botched double album is another point of contention. It’s crucial to have a manager who has the courage to challenge the band and explore different creative avenues. Sticking with the same producer for every album limits their potential for growth and experimentation.

Lastly, the overall comfort and complacency felt within the band can be attributed to the leadership of Kevin Browning. Just like in sports, when a team becomes complacent, it’s the manager’s responsibility to light a fire under their asses. It’s about time we bring in someone who can reignite the fire and push Umphrey’s McGee to new heights.

In conclusion, it’s evident that a change in leadership is necessary for Umphrey’s McGee to reclaim their former glory. Kevin Browning’s managerial decisions have led to a decline in the band’s performances and decision-making. It’s time to find a manager who can truly understand and support the band’s vision, while also prioritizing the fans’ experience. Let’s come together and voice our desire for change.

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I actually read it and the tl;dr is Browning sucks

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Am I crazy or is this like 5 years old

edit: not the sentiment which yeah, definitley, but that exact post


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memes aside he actually sucks and is making umphreys worse. please leave you fucking wine beer pong playing dingus

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I think the post being signed by @Winnertakesall certainly hints that way also… :thinking:


No it’s an AI retelling of the original browning copypaste