Talking Heads/David Byrne

This one of the coolest musical experiences I have ever attended. Very excited to see this:

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I wish I went to that.

Probably my second favorite concert experience. Soooo excited this is coming

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Oh nice had no idea this was coming to HBO!

Also one of my favorite concert experiences. Wish I went again during the theater tour, bet that was a lot cooler than what I saw at the pav in Boston.

Perfume Genius opened when I saw this tour. It’s been the best concert I’ve been to in the past 5 years.

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Saw this in Grand Rapids. VERY cool/unique

Went to the very first show they did in a small theater. Was awesome going in completely blind with no expectations of what it’d be.

Definitely wish I could have seen it in a theater/smaller venue. I was solo at Red Rocks and way up at the top. While it was still amazing, I was definitely real far away. Which is why I am so excited to see the film in order to see many closer details I missed in the live setting.

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Gotta echo everyone else by saying this was one of the coolest concerts I have ever seen. Saw it at the Lawn in Indy, and had a perfect spot to dance with lots of room. One of those nights that I will never forget.

I purposefully didn’t look at the set list prior to seeing this show. Added some extra mustard to the experience.

Same here. I accidentally saw a picture of the band on stage and backed out as quickly as possible. Each time I’ve see Byrne over the years has been a mostly unique concert experience. This tour was definitely a very special event. I would still put my 1st David Byrne show slightly higher on the list (the Grown Backwards tour), due to being totally caught off guard by the fact that he had reworked so many talking heads tunes to fit the string section. Stuff like the Psycho Killer bass line being a full string arrangement was unreal. He’s a national treasure.

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I also was very adamant about not viewing setlists or pictures/videos. The Utopia tour makes me bummed I never saw David Byrne earlier quite honestly. I’ve seen Heads cover bands dozens of times but had never made it out to see David. Who knows how long he will tour for. When I saw the Red Rocks shows pop up I knew I had to go.

scott aukerman & adam scott’s podcast u2 talking u2 2 me has recently shifted to u talkin’ talking heads 2 my talking head

most recent episode has tawny newsome (bajillion dollar properties, space force) as a guest. she had performed in a chicago based talking heads cover band like 10 years ago and is a delight

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was debating on posting about this or not. i love how it took one episode to totally bail on the chili peppers. plus, i love films.

didn’t see the live show, but american utopia on hbo was excellent.


Can’t wait to watch american utopia once I get back home

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Hell yeah. Thanks for the reminder, I didn’t know this was out already.


Same, really excited to check it out

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Watched American Utopia on HBO last night. Really enjoyed it. While I feel very grateful to have experienced the show live, it was really cool to be able to see everything closer up and in more detail. There were also camera angles that show things you just can’t get in the live setting, like overhead views and such. Would recommend for anyone who enjoys the music of Byrne/Talking Heads. What a unique performance.


Thanks for the reminder!