Sweetwater Fest 2022

Figured I’d fire up a thread for Sweetwater. Beyond excited for this one and loving the daily lineups. Sunday is a hell of a day and Saturday isn’t too shabby either. Hoping Thursday goes Mule > Cheese > Mule > Cheese, and music starting at 1pm has me thinking this will be the case.


In for Saturday only. Should be fun!


Got a room at the Hilton about 15 min walk to the park. Shaky Knee Sat for NIN/King Gizz. Going to the Cubs vs Braves game on Thursday night.

Never though i would be this excited for a city fest.

Ugh just when I felt like I should bail I see this shit :expressionless:

You can even skip UM and come check out the King Gizz gas scene with me.

Bored watching Winter Olympics and threw together a mock lineup

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In on a Friday night? Bad, young whippersnapper!

Work kicked my ass this week so I was pumped to stay in and make shitty excel charts. Feeling refreshed for some Vols basketball at noon

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Pointless Excel spreadsheets having a calming effect for me, I don’t know if it’s my touch of OCD/hating clutter but I feel ya.


Run a sheep game


So I’m 100% in. Definitely not doing the pre party, but may still come in the day early and do the Braves - Cubs game on Thursday @cryan024 sounds like the move.

Who else is still planning on hitting this? I know there was a lot of chatter when the lineup dropped.
@stringz @ass @PEN1S_ISLAND @kramm


I’m all booked and ready to go. Not going Thurs either


I’ll be there, might be doing Thursday but would rather not. Staying at the Hilton Atlanta and we can rain three’s on the rooftop bball court.


Word I think @cryan024 said he had a room at the Hilton too. We’re in a bnb with Jilz’s parents. Don’t really know how that’s gonna play out lol. Should be a fun weekend though! Stoked for Oysterhead.


Yep we’ll both be there, pretty easy walk to the fest grounds. Jilz parents bnb sounds like CoLa all over again, I’m in.

Do they like to get down?

Yeah, they get down. Maybe not exactly how I get down.

But I guess we’ll find out lol


In for the whole weekend minus preparty. Stoked

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That’s pushed me right over the fence on going.

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