SqueakSheep I: Little Bit Sheeper Now

SqueakSheep I: Little Bit Sheeper Now

Announcement – 7/19
Questions Posted – 7/20
Game Starts – DYOR


SHEEP - The object of Sheep is to think alike. For each question, give an answer that you think is going to be the most popular. For example, a question might be something like, “Name a popular Jamband”, A good answer would be Phish, A bad answer would be Leftover Salmon.

Each question is then scored by its replies. Let’s say there’s six participants and of those, three said “Phish”, two said “SCI” and one said “Leftover Salmon” — The Phish players would each get 3 points, the SCI players 2 points, and the Deep Leftover Salmon player 0 points. You have to match at least one other person to score points. There are no wrong answers in sheep, if you match someone, you score points.

REVERSE SHEEP For RS questions you want to find a correct answer that nobody else will answer. If the question is “ (RS) Name an album by The Grateful Dead”, A good answer would be Built To Last, a bad answer would be American Beauty.

For Reverse Sheep unique answers are counted as 0. If you answer the same as anybody else you will lose that many points. Take the Grateful Dead question, if 5 people answer with American Beauty, each player will lose 5 points.
Incorrect answers in Reverse Sheep will counts as 2 points below the most popular answer.

Each round has a multiplier that will be applied to all answers.

Guitar Solos
Players have the power of multipliers in their hands. Each player is given five (5) Guitar Solo’s {gs} which they use by adding {gs} to the end of their answer when submitting. Only one guitar solo may be used per question. No {gs} can be used in the Soundcheck round.

In Sheep Questions, {gs} adds 1 to the multiplier. If 5 people have the same answer on a question with a 2x multiplier, they would normally get 10 points. If a player used one of their {gs}, they would get 15 points instead.

For Reverse Sheep questions, the Guitar Solo will perform the same function. In the above scenario, the player would get -15 points instead of the normal -10.
Use these wisely.

Unique Bonus
Unique answers on Reverse Sheep questions will generate additional bonus points according to how many unique answers were given.
1 Unique is awarded 15
2 Uniques are awarded 10 each
3 Uniques are awarded 6 each
4 Uniques are awarded 3 each
5+ Uniques are awarded 1 each

The winner is the person with the highest score.

If you wish to challenge an answer, you must do so within 3 questions. Challenges will be voted on by the group, first side to 5 votes wins. No vote is necessary if you can easily prove you had a right answer.

Remember — the point of the game is not the correct answer, but the answer you think most of the other forum members will give.

Do not use Wikipedia, Phantasytour, The Bort or any other website, just your own noggin.

To play, simply send me a private message (PM) with your answers, one per line with NO SPACES. Please DO NOT number them or include the question and most of all DON’T POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THE THREAD. You will receive a 10 point penalty if you don’t follow these rules.


Soundcheck 1x

Invert Y Axis: Yes or No?
Steve or Jonathan?
Goose or PPPP?
Is the pandemic over?

Opener 2x

Name a famous athlete who has the same first name as a member of Umphreys.
Name a famous actor who has the same first name as a member of Umphreys.
Name a child predator.
Name an overrated tv show.

First Set 3x

Name a Squeaky Feet song.
Name a member of Squeaky Feet besides Colin.
Squeaky Feet should play in this city.
Squeaky Feet is the best jam band since _______.

Second Set 4x

Who should the bort hire to run monthly sheep games?
Who will win the 2024 Presidential Election?
Will Jolson win this game?
O/U 6.5 sheep finish below the UC5 line.

Encore 5x

Name something you bring with you on a camping trip.
There are 26 letters in the English alphabet – name your favorite.
(RS) Name one of the twelve zodiac signs.
How many consecutive days can you wear the same pair of underwear?

Afterparty 10x
Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

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But why


To celebrate the new Squeaky Feet sub forum


Goose Sheep or bust

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I don’t understand

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Guess the bort isn’t interested in playing a new sheep game! Oh well

Not unless @goldlikejoel is playing


I start wfh after this week. Ready to shitpost it up for this game

Sorry game cancelled. Ben doesn’t understand.

He just needs an update


I’m down if people actually play but if not, this will be a moment of peak cringe in my life. Not sure if I have room for more cringe in my life


Also what even is this, is it just normal sheep

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It won’t be 21 squeaky feet questions. Maybe 18

is it actually gonna be about Colon’s band though?

edit: dear god.


Guess I’ll have to brush up on my @opsopcopolis era Fat Aztec songs


Let’s call it normal sheep with a squeaky feet round or two

He’ll play if you make it about Phish, I bet

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