Spooky, Creepy UM Jams

The following nugs link contains the playlist compiled by cshore and other community members on spooky, creepy UM jams:

My jam tastes tend to run in this direction with the addition of weird, off-kilter jams. Could we keep this thread going by adding in the weird stuff too?

Long overdue text List of the spooky, creepy, weird jam list:

-ROBOT WORLD > JAZZ ODYSSEY: 2/21/2006 Neighborhood Theatre CHARLOTTE, NC
-PLUNGER: 8/15/2007 McCarren Park Pool BROOKLYN, NY
-BRIGHT LIGHTS: 2/13/2008 Crash Mansion LOS ANGELES, CA
-ATMOSFARAG: 2/12/2009 Barrymore Theatre MADISON, WI
-JIMMY STEWART: 10/9/2009 The Orbit Room GRAND RAPIDS, MI
-JIMMY STEWART: 10/28/2010 Canopy Club URBANA, IL
-THE LINEAR: 10/30/2010 The Pageant ST. LOUIS, MO
-RESOLUTION: 1/27/2011 Theatre BOSTON, MA
-RINGO: 1/31/2011 Brooklyn Bowl NEW YORK, NY
-THE HAUNT: 3/25/2012 Wilma Theatre MISSOULA, MT
-THE TRIPLE WIDE: 9/2/2012 Congress Theater CHICAGO, IL
-RINGO: 1/16/2013 The Town Ballroom BUFFALO, NY
-DUMP CITY: 10/16/2013 Higher Ground BURLINGTON, VT
-DUMP CITY: 10/25/2013 Stage AE PITTSBURGH, PA
-SOCIABLE JIMMY: 11/1/2013 Riverside Theater MILWAUKEE, WI
-DUMP CITY: 1/17/2014 Live At The Beacon Theatre NEW YORK, NY
-PROWLER: 1/30/2014 Tennessee Theatre KNOXVILLE, TN
-MUCH OBLIGED: 2/7/2014 Lupo’s at the Strand PROVIDENCE, RI
-PHIL’S FARM: 3/12/2014 Historic Ashland Armory ASHLAND, OR
-PHIL’S FARM: 8/30/2014 House of Blues Orlando LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL
-PHIL’S FARM: 1/1/2015 The Tabernacle ATLANTA, GA
-EAT: 7/17/2015 The Stone Pony Summer Stage ASBURY PARK, NJ
-SPIRES: 8/21/2015 House Of Blues LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL
-HIGGINS: 8/20/2017 Tennessee Theatre KNOXVILLE, TN
-PUPPET STRING: 8/20/2017 Tennessee Theatre KNOXVILLE, TN
-ALL IN TIME: 2/3/2018 Wings Event Center KALAMAZOO, MI
-DUMP CITY: 3/8/2018 Belly Up ASPEN, CO
-HEY 19: 5/17/2018 Paper Mill Island Amphitheatre BALDWINSVILLE, NY
-IN THE KITCHEN: 9/1/2018 House of Blues DALLAS, TX
-OCEAN BILLY - 1/12/2019 The National RICHMOND, VA
-ROBOT WORLD: 1/31/2019 College Street Music Hall NEW HAVEN, CT
-PLUNGER: 2/15/2019 Brooklyn Steel BROOKLYN, NY
-DUMP CITY: 10/8/2009 Theater CLEVELAND, OH

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Been listening to @Whinergetsnothing 2011 playlist. Thanks for putting that together btw.

Just added 1/30/11 Blue Echo to this playlist.

Here’s the link for anyone interested.


Love this jam so much!

I needed a list like this today. I have so much work to do lol. Thank you!!

Listening to Liquid 10/18/18 right now, hit me with more dark/spooky jams

oOoOoOo :ghost:

Also does anyone know the set from last night? Not on twitter or allthings

1/12/19 OB is super spooky

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I fucked up didn’t I

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I suppose they could be different, but the differences would be subtle. Refer back to a recent discussion about different interpretations of what “dark” means in a musical sense.

Ringo 09/23/2017. Admitting to listening while enjoying boomers bias, and it was the first jam that got me lol.

Halloween show 2007. That was a weird one. My highlight was PTP

10/23/08 Eat > The Bottom Half > Eat

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Does the link to the nugs playlist work for y’all? Didnt work for me. I have the playlist if anyone is interested.

It did not. Hit me up brother

Maybe this one will work?

Check out this playlist “Spooky Umphreys ” I made via @nugsnet_app App
nugs.net Shared Playlist : Spooky Umphreys

No sir

Try it again. I think I posted wrong the first time.

Edit: Damn. That didnt work either. Idk. Its on my playlists lol

@Whinergetsnothing Didn’t you make the playlist? Do you still have Nugs?

Nugs playlist links are just weird. If you open in new tab/window, you’ll be able to get to the playlist through a page that looks like this.


When I was doing the Dance Jams playlist the link only worked when I shared from the mobile app. Desktop sharing always ended up linking the nugs home page.

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Nah not my playlist