Sonic Gymnastics

Shameless Self Promotion.

Ticket Link- 15 ADV

Video Preview:


Another gig announcement. This time NYC with Microcave.

Congrats to Sonic Gymnastics on being higher on the fake bisco lineup leak than Bonobo, Boombox, King Gizzard, Spafford, P-Groove, and many others.


We hit it big finally

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3 weeks til the biggest show in Philly

Some new footage:

Reminder for anyone going to philly this week for the disco biscuits, we will be playing an after party on Thursday!

Hey Y’all. We are joining the ranks of bands doing live stream shows. If you have nothing better to do today at 6:30EST-9PM EST tune in. We will be playing two sets.

Edit: it would help if i linked to the event…

Going live shortly

Hell yeah. This stream is solid. A few really smooth segues in there.
I was really digging the drumpad effects that were being used ~23 minutes in.

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Thanks. Self quarentining led to a few oh shits here and there but it was nice to play for people.

Doing another live stream tonight at 6:30 EST. I believe we are doing this on YT but here is the FB link (i think this is the right link? FB has been making it hard to share outside of facebook lately).

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I don’t really care for improv so I think I’ll be watching the Squeaky Feet stream instead

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Can’t make a sandwich without improv

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YT thank God. FB is for V4Jers

Bump 10 mins or so

No YT stream sadly

Good set. Great soundtrack to my dinner prepping and snogging.

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We will have the whole set uploaded tomorrow for the slacker(Jo)s that didn’t watch live.


Last night’s stream. Audio and video are out of sync on the mobile camera shots.

Setlist: Sonder*, August -> Window Seat, Prowl*

*1st time played


Reckon this will be canceled/rescheduled but my friend loves Microwave and doesn’t care for jam bands so keep me posted when this happens.