Songs You Would Like to Hear Umphrey's Cover

“Zomby Woof,” Frank Zappa


Santana - “She’s Not There”

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“Night Moves” by Bob Seger



This has been on my list too.

Higher Love with horns

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I wouldn’t mind them doing anything by Zappa. But I bet Kris could kill singing Zomby Woof.

Would love for them to bring Muffin Man back

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Maybe my meter is broken, but they’ve played it 11 times

100% a joke post

The Clash - Magnificent Seven

Dream Theater “The Dance Of Eternity” (or any other instrumental version of a Dream Theater song, not sure lyrics would work).

Anything by Gentle Giant (Pony and Jake are willing…)

Bombs Away - The Police

Anesthetize - Porcupine Tree

Steven Wilson - Raider II

Dare To Be Stupid - Weird Al(would be incredible if they got a sit in but that’s a pipe dream)

No One Knows - QotSA


I’ve always thought UM should do more with Genesis, and while I couldn’t expect them to do full covers considering how insane some of their songs are there’s always been 2 parts of Los Endos that I thought would make amazing teases/jams for them to reference, specifically the section from 2:10-30 and then the part at 4:30-end

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Also I thought at some point someone in this thread said they’d like to see Kris on vocals for Toto’s Falling In Between, which I totally agree with…and it’d just make a good UM cover in general

Black Sabbath - Supernaut