Shows the bort literally never talks about

Trying to get some recs on shows that are underrated or never talked about.

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Go check out 9/28/10 ABQ. Heater from start to finish

Set 1: Search 4, 2x2, Preamble > Mantis Ghetts > Mantis, Band on the Run > Walletsworth > Mulche’s Odyssey

Set 2: Syncopated Strangers, Front Porch > Resolution[1] > Front Porch, The Triple Wide, Sociable Jimmy > Syncopated Strangers, Der Bluten Kat

Encore: Hajimemashite > Come Closer

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Here’s a little-discussed show from Humboldt County. Each set is
technically a sammie

[October 25, 2009]

Eureka TheaterEureka, CA, USA

Set 1: Bridgeless > Roulette > Visions > Roulette, 13 Days, Utopian Fir > I’m On Fire > Utopian Fir > Uncle Wally > Bridgeless

Set 2: JaJunk > Alex’s House, The Crooked One, Smell the Mitten, In Bloom, Red Tape > JaJunk

Encore: Wife Soup

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Aside from me, no one ever talks about Missoula shows.

this post has inspired me to listen to 6/16/2001

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March 6, 2007 Umphrey’s McGee The Fox TheatreBoulder, CO, USA

Set 1: The Bottom Half > Space Funk Booty > The Bottom Half[1], #5, Der Bluten Kat[2] > Prowler> Passing, Morning Song > Der Bluten Kat

Set 2: Bridgeless > Plunger > Glory > Plunger > Bridgeless, Alex’s House[3] > The Triple Wide > Walletsworth > 40’s Theme

Encore: Partyin’ Peeps, Mama I’m Coming Home

March 17, 2011 Umphrey’s McGee House Of Blues - Sunset StripWest Hollywood, CA,USA

Set 1: Nothing Too Fancy > In The Kitchen, #5, Much Obliged, The Floor, Sociable Jimmy > Nothing Too Fancy

Set 2: Ringo > Eminence Front > Ringo[1], Wappy Sprayberry, The Bottom Half > Slacker, Miss Tinkle’s Overture

Encore: Irish Jig, Glory > Regulate[2]

My two favorite UM gigs I’ve seen

Love that 3/17 kitchen it’s fire

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Just threw this show on. I’m listening to UM. Shhh

I used to spin those two March Boulder shows on my iPod all the time.

The fancy reprise fucks too. Back when they really let those things rip

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Were you at 10/29/11? Monster standalone fancy

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No, but looking at my ATU, I was at the Moogfest show the next day. Remember absolutely nothing about that night. This was back when i didnt give a single fuck about anything, especially remembering cool sets from jambands. The setlist looks pretty meh, besides a big Red Tape. Maybe I’ll listen to that next.

20 min Ringo has my interest


Like I said I have no recollection of this night. 2011 was a fun year. Ringo WMM Sammy looks tasty though. Almost done with this 3/17 show.