Screaming and Crying: The Emo Thread

lol WWWY fest cancelled due to high winds

Did anyone ( @gatroe ) actually listen to this?

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Looks like mine is shipping this week!

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Have you or @Jolson received this or a shipping notice yet?

A label was created for mine a week ago yesterday and nothing since then in the tracking. Email from Brooklyn Vegan “customer service” says it’s been shipped but “sometimes USPS doesn’t scan everything when they pick it up from the distribution center”. No way in hell it takes a week for something to get from PA to Michigan unless someone is hand delivering this to me.

I didn’t order it

stop yelling at small businesses because it takes a little time to get your shit. dear god dude amazon has poisoned your fucking brain. usps sucks shit and doesn’t scan stuff all the time. it’s a fucking record, it’s not important.

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How is sending an email inquiring nicely on the status of something I paid for “yelling at them”? I received shipping info 8 days ago and nothing has happened since then, tracking has said a label was created since then, no change in status. I order a lot of stuff from small businesses that use USPS and this has never happened before so I asked them for an update. I certainly wasn’t rude and condescending like you are being right now.

I said I snagged this but I really don’t remember if I did or not lol

This is what I saw in my email

my label was created the 25th and shipped yesterday


It took a week for a card to get from my house in Minneapolis to my brothers house in St. Paul. Shit is still show.


Shit is in fact still very show.



this is one of the worst things I’ve ever heard in my entire life


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Album is out today. It rules! I love the bass line in grey veins