Sacred Rose Festival

I know this has been covered in the Festivals thread but figured it deserved its own thread

Got a 3-day ticket in the presale just now.


What’s the code?


Not case sensitive

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Have they announced Phil’s band?

Tickets bought

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Not to my knowledge, but I would guess it will be members of Dawes again. Hoping for a Thile sit in though

Damn I want to do this but I’m not ready to commit. I wonder if they sell it out…

What’s the difference between the tiers?


Oh weird. There’s two different tiers of GA on sale rn

There’s actually three. My guess is the site is built in a way that all options are on there and when X amount of tier 1s are sold, they become unavailable

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It’s good for me cause I wanted to buy the most expensive version of the same ticket


The name of this festival is some real “just got back from a gem and crystal show and bought a new vintage Dead tee while getting a sacred geometry tattoo” vibe.


I’m only doing Saturday but for that price its unbeatable. (Les Special>UM>Goose> UM)

Will be there August 27th


Me too brah. Well, hopefully. There is a cannabis conference going on in the city that weekend I’m trying to get approved to attend so I can get work to pay for the flights.


I’ve been heavily pondering going, mostly for Phil and Friends but if @Zencer is gonna be there how I can I not attend.


Ive never seen any dead members, and after watching the Phil with Dawes friends last year, it was an instant purchase for me with the rest of the line up. Punch bros>Phil Friday.

Lotus>bisco>um>sts9>um Saturday

And haitus>Kamasi>khruangbin and or Jrad Sunday


Lotus>Bisco>UM>STS9>UM is my lineup too


This is my plan too. Hit the cannabis conference Friday>Friend’s Sacred Rose Latenight from 1:30AM-4AM, then crash, maybe make it to the festival by Lespecial, and then I’ll follow y’all from Lotus to the Biscuits to UM to STS9 (not going to see Goose over Tribe) and finish it off with UM.

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