Roll Call: Covid Tour '21

In for Birmingham and ATL.

Vaxed, Waxed, and Relaxed. Any folks gonna be around?




Might sneak in a Sunday night show at Deer Creek.


Doing Arkansas, Deer Creek, Atlantic City, Gorge, and Tahoe this summer. Vegas in fall . So ready to party. I am already worthless at work.

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Saturday Dick’s and that’s it.

brother in law is doing all 22.

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Going to Arky.

Considering Deer Creek since Summercamp VIP sold out but will be a last minute call on if I want to drive 8 hours or not. Will go to Dick’s if I can get a ticket that’s not outrageously priced.

Going big in October (if the world isn’t shut down) to do SD>LA>SB>Vegas

AC and Vegas for me

Dicks tickets have been dropping a bit stubhub. I bet you can find reasonable tickets between now and shows.

SFx2, Chula Vista, LA, Vegas x4. Most Phish shows I’ve ever hit in a tour. Let’s fuckin’ go.


Saturday Deer Creek and Gorge. Haven’t seen Phish since 2016. I’m pretty pumped!!

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Farmhouse > No Diablo

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I like farmhouse lol @cryan024 taught me that I’m not supposed to say those things out loud though oops


Arkansas>Alabama, Gorge, maybe some Dicks.

Still don’t have crash space for 'Bama, but am rolling up in a small RV. Just not interested in driving to and from the show. Anyone have any ideas?

It is looking like this might be the tour where all these stubhub assholes finally get what is coming to them. Prices for everything are starting to drop. The demand is clearly nowhere near what people thought it was during on-sale. Tickets on ground all tour.

Phish friend just sent me this

I dont see it happening, but if it did, I would not be too heart broken. That said, I really want to go to Arkansas on Wednesday.

Dude from Live Nation confirmed a couple days ago that all tours are full steam ahead in all states. The delta hype is just that. Hype. Not saying its not real, just saying its not going to derail life as we know it again.


It’s a troll thread from PT

Arkansas show has officially been moved to Pontiac, MI.


Ahh I gotcha, I have no experience in PT and my friends are kinda noobs anyways. So that would explain it

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