RC: West Coast Leg 2

Super late notice but curious who else is doing Eugene > Seattle > PDX.

I know there’s @swb0nd @djponyfunk and @AlexTheDictator , but is there anyone else?

@OSUmBeaverPhreak and I are going to sprint down to Eugene today and planning to bump into a wild @Albert.Ross /@Albert_Ross .

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Such a bummer @Pookells can’t make it

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i’ll definitely be watching the clock all day. hopefully the traffic getting out of town is bearable - so many shows to get to in eugene over the years on a friday, where I’m all antsy trying to get through traffic crawling past wilsonville

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Next time around! We just got our daughter and granddaughter from the airport

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in for Eugene and Portland


Hope you guys have fun in Seattle tonight! @sabretooth @OSUmBeaverPhreak @AlexTheDictator @djponyfunk

And anyone else I missed!


I didn’t have drive back to PDX after the Eugene AND Seattle shows on my bingo card a week ago but now it looks like that’s what happening. I think it’s still worth it :slight_smile:


Nice to meet ya @djponyfunk! Will hit you up if I swing through Corvallis anytime soon.

Thanks for driving @sabretooth your road warrior skills were clutch last minute.

@swb0nd it was a pleasure meeting you too. I’m down for some pinball sometime.


Great to hang with you for the run Mike, and happy to get you 1 away from 250!