RC: Reno

Anyone looking to do this show? I fucking love Reno and even though I have a four day Dick’s pass I looked at flights and it’s only like $120 to get from Denver to Reno on the 4th mid-afternoon so I can still enjoy three nights of Phish and mosey on to DIA for a Sunday night Umphrey’s show.

I have seen the Postal Service at the Grand Sierra but I didn’t stay there that night. I’ve stayed there on the way back from Yosemite a couple years ago though and I can definitely see the appeal of being onsite for the show.

Anyway, after D.U.M.B. 2.0 part two, Grand Rapids, Sacred Rose, and a return to California, I could see this show being quite the heater. Regardless, a Sunday night show over a holiday weekend in the Biggest Little City is destined to be a fun time without even worrying about the quality of the music.

So please, look into flights and let’s GITP for a good time.

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In. My best friend lives in Reno, so this was a must for me.

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will be there (locals, holler if you need anything)
hotels are redic because of both rib fest and burning man, a lot of people shack up in reno after the burn

The Grand Sierra is like $300 for that night…you had me worried for a minute there brah. I’ll pay that to stay on site. :slight_smile:

Alright after taxes it is closer to $400 lol. That is pretty steep…hopefully find someone to split it with me, otherwise I’ll pay the piper I guess. I love staying at the venue when in it is in a casino!

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Maybe it’s passe to bitch about ticketmaster fees, but $73 for a $45 ticket. Christ. I think that takes the cake for me in anything ticket fees.

And this show is gonna be great for stretching out. Hope they don’t cancel it. Will be hauling my travel trailer up from Grass Valley and staying at the Grand Sierra “rv park”. $119 with taxes and resort fees but cheaper than the $400 rooms.

That show won’t sell out so I wouldn’t buy until day of at the GSR.

You’re correct, but I was nervous about the GA Floor selling out and didn’t want to be stuck in the seats

call GSR box office
fees are like half of TM

they had the 4 packs for $80 out the door on the TM sale for a bit.

Yeah saw that and missed it apparently. Wish i had known about the calling the box office directly. I appreciate the heads up for next time