RC: Montana x 3

Scoping out flights right now…looks like $300ish each way to fly to Missoula. I should probably figure out my driver’s license and just rent a car and take Friday and Monday off of work that week. I’ve only driven through Bozeman before never even had a meal there so I am looking forward to spending two nights there. The Wilma is always a good time too. I love how the shows are being promoted by Groove Solventless as well. Appreicate those heady vibes.

Anyway, who is coming out west for these shows? Montana in September is probably beautiful. I feel like I at least have to consider any shows within a dozen hours of me at this point so I’m pretty happy the band announced some more shows that are theoretically driveable dates for me. Missoula is eight hours so as long as I leave by like 10AM Friday morning I should get there in time for the show.

We should coordinate hotels in Bozeman and Missoula.

@Pookells , hope you are having a blast in Seattle tonight but also hope to see you in Montana in September!



Seattle was awesome! And I’m doing Missoula no question


There are direct flights from ATL to Bozeman. Starting to look into this…fly in Thursday, drive to Missoula for two nights then back to Bozeman for the two shows.

Think this is the move for my next UM shows after Isle of Palms this Thursday…


No Bozeman for me, but I hope to see you in Missoula, @Southern_Dan

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Possibly/hopefully in for all 4 with @matt

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Are you?

In x3.

Said I would try to never miss a MT show after the Wednesday night energy that was thrown down on 3/14/18 at the wilma.

It was a decent show - not even mind blowing. But the vibe was incredible and the band absolutely keyed into it and rocked pretty hard

Plus, Montana…

With my co-worker already off this week I will be unable to do Montana. Sad I won’t get to meet you Pook, hopefully next year!

Gonna be focusing on the 3 night Mish run if it happens instead…

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