8/31 Stella Blues - New Haven CT
9/1 Metronome - Burlington VT
9/2 Karnival of the Arts - Kempton PA
9/3 Nublu - New York City NY

Who’s in? Probably skipping the wook fest PA date but going to try and do the other 3.

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wook fest would be my only doable date tbh. Using the ‘K’ gives it a bit of a juggalish aspect as well.


I assume you can get single day tix haven’t checked prices yet though

Yes but it’s the most confusing policy ever.

Day passes are available for Karnival of the Arts. If you arrive before the last day of the festival but only plan to attend one night, please let the front gate know. They will take your name and you will be given a voucher. As long as you exit the property before noon the next day, you will be given around a 40% refund for the ticket. Day passes will be available at the gate on the last day of the event with no deposit required. This policy applies to East and West.

That said, this lineup is very intriguing for a random @ass off-brand rainbow gathering. I like the sound of a lot of these acts.

festivals are so dumb lol what is that policy


Me, think I’m gonna hit all 4. Anybody got a place for me and my 5 friends to crash?

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Can’t get over the “around” 40% reimbursement. And where do you think your money will be when you pay a bunch of farm wooks in a Berks County field in cash and come back at 11:58 the next morning for your refund? You might get your refund in balloons if you’re lucky.

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if @mja271 or @gatroe let me sleep on their couch I’m going to try to do New Haven.

I don’t have it in me to do a 2 hour drive home and need to be productive Thursday.


Sleep in our van

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