Random, Spontaneous Thoughts about UM (Part Pee)

yeah, nowhere near enough juice. they’ve never played Red Rocks without at least one cover (not counting VIP shows)

Someone should tell them they’ve never played The Haunt, FF, Padgett’s, GYM or Great American at Red Rocks and that they should this Saturday.


I thought they played Milk the same night they had that killer Plunger in 22, or was that Vail?

That was Dillon.

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They aren’t going to play any of those songs.


just for the sake of curiosity what would you (or anyone reading) need odds-wise to take the bet?

FWIW, the bet was for the Red Butte show in Salt Lake City tomorrow - not Red Rocks…

didn’t notice you said Red Butte. still not enough juice

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what do you think the odd’s would have to be where you’d be equally happy to take either side of the bet? (in other words, i’m searching for the equilibrium “proper odds”)

Yeah I know, but it would be nice.

odds on a milk or GA (either will win bet) being played at RR?

lol, don’t ask me why i’m trying to bookmake umphreys. i guess it’s it’s fun trying to handicap incalculable things…

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idk, they haven’t played a cover-less show since 3/29 but there were a bunch earlier in the year. 12:1 may be right now that I’ve done research and realized you didn’t say RRx

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Those are good odds

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My giney is too tight to take this bet.

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Chris Mitchell is leaving UM after this month for Sturgill


Sucks for UM but good for him! Thats pretty awesome


Yeah great for him but Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck


Like for good? Daaaaaamn

Browning must go back to the soundboard?



The only silver lining is we know this for sure wont happen with browning having the family he does now. May fill in for a few shows, in which he’ll promptly scream “sound caresser is back” from the mountain tops, but no way he’d go back to touring

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