Phish Fan Reacting to Umphrey's

I’m a lurker that loves this place and this Phish fan started to react to Umphrey’s songs on Youtube and they got recommended to me. I think this guy is pretty cool and its one of the first Phish fans actually try to understand and enjoy Umphrey’s. Hope you enjoy his videos as much as I do. Andy Reacts - YouTube

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hahaha - “This sounds like some basic jam band stuff”

He’s enjoying it and doesn’t even mean it as a dig, I just found it hilarious that’s the first thing he says after grooving along to the first verse of Slacker.

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Also I have never heard this Slacker before and this is a good jam

12/30/18 I think he said

Fan of generic jam band call another generic jam band a generic jam band.


@jmar1334 Stop lurking bro. Post more. We need you


do you mean specifically in the form of the “reaction video” fad paradigm

Yes. But he’s one of the very few people reacting to Umphrey’s on Youtube.

I only watch Guitargate. Top notch jam reaction content.

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“top notch” and “reaction” in the same sentence?

i just don’t understand the appeal

I’m kidding. That guy sucks and reaction videos are the worst. I silence any one that comes up in my recommendations.


don’t mind me ‘whoosh’-in’ over here

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Swishy swoosh

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