NSL's Photo Thread

Figured I would put a thread together so I can post some of my photos. Here’s a bunch of random ones from 2023. Started to do a lot more non performance shots this year which I’m very happy with. The Ryman and the Opry here have some amazing backstage rooms for photos. I put most of my pics on IG @nslmedia


Some NYE pics - NYE 2023 - #869 by nsl


Here’s an @nsl photo for the NSL’s Photo Thread where I can make it about me


Here’s another of @WhoDatVols


Must’ve been Taylor Hicks on stage for me to be biting my lip like that :biting_lip:


Still upset you bailed on this

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If I would’ve known my T Higgy was there I would’ve b-lined it from Bridgestone to bowl

I know you have his number so next time we gets pizza and beer let’s invite our boy :eyes:

First shoot of the year with Maggie Rose at the Opry (at the ryman) last week. She does the Opry once a month. Did 8 with her last year so hoping to get all 12 this year.


Met Maggie recently. Her husband and I have a mutual friend. Really nice lady!

Didnt realize until a week later that i was in their suite for Bridgestone Phish.

Neither one of them were at the show, but i met her when she was in STL.

Also, that photo of Sierra Hull on the couch is awesome. She makes me feel all sorts of things.

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That’s awesome! His family is from the STL area. They’re both big Phish fans.

I did Sierra Ferrell’s NYE show 2022 here which was fantastic. She’s got a new album coming out in March also.


Yea, i guess her husband used to play music with my buddy Mason who i met through his wife Madolyn. He is always saying what a wonderful lady she is.

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Some NYE shots


nice! what band is this?


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