More 2020 Dates Announced

April 2
The Truman
Kansas City, KS

April 3
The Pageant
St. Louis, MO

April 4
The Pageant
St. Louis, MO

April 5
Morris Performing Arts Center
South Bend, IN

April 16
House of Blues
Houston, TX

April 17
Stubb’s BBQ
Austin, TX

April 18
House of Blues
Dallas, TX

April 19
Cain’s Ballroom
Tulsa, OK

April 24
The Fillmore
New Orleans

April 25
The Fillmore
New Orleans

Northwest String Summit
2 sets - Acoustic & Electric


I kinda gave up the dream of seeing them at Horning’s Hideout.

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P’cola has to be the smallest venue they’ve played in a while, right?
850’ish capacity

Nah I’d say Terrapin Crossroads takes the cake being about 1/3rd the size

Yeah TXR is 420 capacity and Belly Up Aspen is 450

Probably gotta skip aspen which really stings. Still need to get my Iceland plane ticket and aspen hotel prices are sky high.

will be two years since a Boston proper show come June. Starving for a multi-night run? I doubt it. Back to the HOB we go most likely.

3 years this summer since they have played the Grand Rapids market. 2 years since they have played Kalamazoo. Hoping for something this summer, driving 3 hours to Detroit in the middle of winter isn’t appealing.

8/915 is STILL smoldering hot though.

Really? Been looking for another facemelting '15-'16 show besides 9/26/15. Can’t seem to find one. Is this it?

Looking at the setlist, it doesn’t seem promising


1/30/15 Fir is awesome but otherwise I think the show is pretty average. Spot on w/ 3/10/16 tho, imo. Great show.

As for 8/9/15, big Phil’s and good reso in S1 but the Wappy>Robot>Virtue is what brings me back. Even Diablo got a jam(repeated I think) Pretty choice covers. Right up there with 9/26/15 for SOTY, iirc.

as someone who was at all 3:

1/30/15 is all about the fir.

8/9/15 is a great show.

3/10/16 is an incredible show. mantis stew is the best lyrical out there imo.

Awwww shit my attendance bias is showing. I was closing in on my first 20 shows without a Phils or Divisions so that added to the hype train I boarded. Horns, Joel singing Peg, Sledgehammer encore, I loved it but you guys are honestly right, it’s all about the Fir.

I will 100% agree that the Mantis stew is the best lyrical there is.

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2015 and 2016 are certainly the two weakest years for the band of the past decade but there are still a few truly great shows in there:


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man the absurdity of this aspen run continues to baffle me. it’s nearly $410 for three nights of GA tickets.

had a blast doing that run '12-'15 but wow that is a lot of money for 6 sets of standard um.

how much are terrapin crossroads tickets?

Pretty sure Phil Lesh said that in 2020 all terrapin tickets will be $125 before fees unless you donate an organ. That knocks $100 off

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