Mom's Kitchen - The WSMFP thread

I had a great time last night but had a really hard time paying attention because i was in 1st place in the big DK NBA contest all night.

Had 100k in my account majority of night.

Dropped down to $500 in final few minutes of the games, which soured my mood a bit.


Ouch brah. I fucking love gambling seems like a fitting setting all things considered. My ex who was a SpreadHead loves to roll dice at 4AM so I figure it’s definitely kosher to be a gambling degen at a Panic show.

Solid bowl cut dude

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Surprised by how often The Waker is getting played. One of my all-time fav Mikey songs that I was sure we’d never hear again. Now bring back DTTB for whenever I see them next (hopefully this year).


Great song.

Had a blast all three nights. Met some cool people and boogied.

Not sure which night i liked the best, but i knew the most songs tonight.

Barely knew anything they played last night.

Body is dead and i am ready to sleep for 12+ hours. Getting old sucks.


Did you meet my cousin Maggie and her husband Tall Ted brah? They were there from Golden, Colorado.

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Tool put Jimmy Herring on their poster. Thats how good he is. Jimmy!

It’s panic week :sunglasses:

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Man I totally missed out on tix for this run. My sons birthday is this weekend and we just had a massive work event last weekend. Tunnel vision’d. This wasnt even on my radar.

Have fun at the shows @toomanypomas42!

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No fun will be had, gonna miss ya bud. Enjoy your kid’s bday!

Fuck this run is gonna be awesome.

Bad news

Yup. Sucks but might actually work out just fine. Lost $140 on a last minute hotel cancellation but might make that money back on hotels being cheaper mid week

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Jamband fan delusions right here fr fr


Actually saved $40 after rebooking + cancellation fee :sunglasses:


Last night was dope. Can’t wait for night two.

Just kidding I’m going to the SoS (Michigan’s version of the DMV).

Little birdie saying panic in Asheville maybe end of July :crossed_fingers:t2: