Lyrical meanings

Some of my favorite UM lyrics

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All in Time is the definitive UM song Bayliss lyrics-wise. Simultaneously sexually inexperienced bragging coupled with heart on the sleeve emo admissions

“Well I’m well endowed
With all the doubt I need”

Ultimately it’s about the start of a new relationship and he’s letting her know he’s a sadboi so she’s gotta fuck with that

“I could tell you all about what’s next
If I could make it clear
Or to complicate the text
Would you hear that
I tell you bout my cause
Cause you know about my flaws
Til you got no reason why
I tell you about my head
Cause you know what instead
I tell you when your answer comes in time”

August is a break up song.

Time will compensate her = time heals all wounds


Thin Air is all about nitrous

I know it changes from time to time, but what exactly is being said during the vocals, before the usual jam spot in Hangover.